Outlier Podcast Festival: How to Bring a Community Together to Build a Podcast A talk by Jordan Gass-Poore' Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Local Switchboard NYC

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Outlier Podcast Festival

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About: This session will provide a comprehensive review of how you can bring a community together to build a podcast and why audio content can be valuable to local communities. Participants will learn how to create a hyperlocal podcast from scratch. We’ll discuss how to: Create a mission statement, begin a series of task force meetings throughout neighborhoods in settings relevant to the discussion, and welcome locals to attend these meetings to come and share their ideas and insights for stories that the podcast should tell about their community.
Promotion for session: https://outlier-podcast-festival-virtual-summit.heysummit.com/talks/how-to-bring-a-community-together-to-build-a-podcast/?fbclid=IwAR0dbXaDt7NV6YJBSsTZhkchBsflBacVrA_5KtIv3SX-3lz5sHHXbJOYJuk